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Whitewater photo MADCATR Logo
David Nissen
Designer - Fabricator - River Rat

frame front view
Wind River Cataraft Frame

frame top view
Load for Daytrip or Light Overnigther

frame side view
Modular Oar Tower Assembly

frame footbar 1
Unique Footbar Design

frame footbar 2
Custom Footbar Keeps Rower in the Boat

oar tower assemblyBreakdown Oar Tower Assembly

Custom Crafted

My frames speak for themselves. They are made of strong 6063 and 6061 aluminum pipe. I hand fit and weld every joint. The high clearance design is essential for rocky technical runs in the Northwest. The proven foot bar design has ergonomic toe loop angles for less stress on feet and ankles. This gives better stability and foot placement in the frame. Full length scout bar makes standing up for the last look at the rapid easy and can be used for a passenger to put their feet on. The relationship between the upper body and the oar tower is essential for the correct rowing position and maximum efficiency. Because of this I fit each frame to the person and their needs. We also offer a unique oar tower system that is adjustable on the longitudinal axis forward/back and will also fold down in the cockpit for transporting and stacking boats. Should you damage an oar tower in a flip, the system is modular, remove 2 bolts and install a new one.

We have put all our knowledge and experience into these frames for the weekend family trip on Class III water such as the Wenatchee River in Washington to the challenging runs down Class V Burnt Ranch Gorge on California’s Trinity River.

Extremely Tough, Extremely Light

They have stood the test of durability and toughness after being flipped and getting pounded on the rocks on Idaho’s North Fork of the Payette. They are not only tough but light as well which is greatly appreciated when you have to rope your boat up a 50’ cliff at the take out on the South Fork of the Stillaguamish “Robe Canyon” in Washington or carry your boat down from the parking lot at Fish Creek on Idaho’s Lochsa River.

Modular Oar Towers

oar tower front oar tower back
Positive lock position gives you 5 inches of adjustment forward and back. This feature allows your spouse or friend to use the same frame you normally use.

oar tower up position oar tower down position
Modular design allows for replacement of a damaged tower or to replace it with a shorter, taller or wider oar tower.

The system allows you to fold the oar tower down into the cockpit of the boat so that you can stack boats flat for shuttle.

The heavy duty twist cam latch is quick and easy, made of Stainless Steel so it won’t rust. A cam strap will temporarily replace this latch should it fail while on a trip.

Next Generation Frame Design

Adrenaline junkies that need the lightest, strongest and safest frame on the market for demanding hairball runs down Class V Rivers have chosen this frame. The Wind River Frame has taken extreme boaters down Idaho’s North Fork of the Payette and “Golden Canyon” on the South Fork of the Clearwater. Its design has been appreciated on Washington’s Cascade and the “Tumwater Canyon” on the Wenatchee. The Frame has supported boaters on the extremely technical and challenging drops of California’s “Burnt Ranch Gorge” on the Trinity, the Cal Salmon, Forks of the Kern and the North Fork of the Yuba. We pride ourselves on the Craftsmanship that has allowed this frame and our equipment to meet the challenges of this dramatic sport.