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David Nissen
Designer - Fabricator - River Rat

frame side view
Trail Dolly

frame front view
Trail Dolly on Cataraft

frame top view
Let It Roll!

Trail Dolly

There are some rivers with access issues. In California the North Fork of the Americanís Giant Gap run, Forks of the Kern or long portages like the one on Oregonís Crooked River around Opal Springs Dam. Catarafters can now run on many more rivers than ever before with the right equipment.

Madcatr Creations offers an Aluminum Trail Dolly specifically designed for the tough river access or portage. There is even an optional adaptor consisting of a break lever on a Cataract oar shaft, offered for an easier trip down the steep trail. Itís like pushing a wheel barrel with a break.

This unit is designed to work with our Wind River Frames. However it will work on most steel type frames on the market today. With an added couple of cam straps or hose clamps you are ready to easily transport your equipment to the river. Then just fold it and strap it on and youíre ready to go down a wilderness river. The standard 20Ē nylon 5 spoke wheel is tough and tire and tubes are easy to find at any bike store, the break system is standard biking equipment making any necessary repairs or replacement relatively easy.

frame side view
Dolly Brake
frame side view
Dolly is Easily Stowed on Boat